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H & M Hennes & Mauritz is a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company, known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers children and home decorations.
In 1946 the company's founder Erling Persson came up with the business idea of offering fashionable clothing at attractive prices. In 1947 he opened his first shop Västerås, Sweden "Hennes", which exclusively sold women's clothing. "Hennes" is Swedish and means "hers". In 1968 Persson acquired the hunting apparel retailer Mauritz Widforss, which led to the inclusion of a menswear collection in the product range and the name change to "Hennes & Mauritz" (H&M).
H&M exists in 61 countries with over 3,700 stores and as of 2015 employed around 132,000 people.